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The right tools for the job

No matter what job we’re faced with, we have the cleaning technology to tackle it. Alongside our state-of-the-art SteamPlus system, we can use any cleaning equipment that is specified on a tender.


Our state-of-the-art SteamPLUS system puts us ahead of the competition. Using pressurised steam achieves outstanding cleaning results, significantly reduces potential damage to vulnerable surfaces and avoids the use of harmful chemicals.


How it works

Water is passed under high pressure through a burner, creating steam that passes through a hose and reaches the spray nozzle at 150°C. The carefully regulated, fast flowing combination of steam, water and oxygen has a fully adjustable working pressure of between 50-200BAR and a flow rate of 7L per minute.

Steam PLUS can effectively 
and efficiently remove:

graffiti, resin, bitumen, atmospheric pollution, algae, fungi, lichens, paint, lime run, efflorescence, 
oil and grease, chewing gum... the list goes on. 

Best in class

A carefully regulated, fast flowing combination of steam, water and oxygen delivers a fully adjustable working pressure that is around 20 times higher than other systems.  

Mitigates risk

SteamPLUS causes a ‘thermo shock’ effect, which causes surfaces pollutants to overheat and break up so they can be removed without damaging the surface. This makes it ideal for cleaning render, old stone, masonry and softer substrates such as wood.

Highly mobile

Our systems are vehicle-mounted on a manoeuvrable trailer jet for easy access and are fully self-contained so we can turn up, switch on and start working without requiring access to mains services, which is ideal out of hours. 


Environmentally Friendly

SteamPLUS is environmentally friendly, using 38% less fuel, 60% less water and with lower CO2 emissions than other systems. It also reduces the need for harmful chemicals. 

Alternative steam cleaners

As well as SteamPLUS, we can use any of the following similar steam cleaning systems specified on a tender to achieve the best possible result.


A superheated water system, DOFF is a stone steam cleaner that effectively removes paint, organic matter, dirt and grime without damaging the surface.


ThermoTech is a transportable superheated system that is designed for masonry cleaning, including paint, oil and chewing gum removal on heritage buildings. 


The high-pressure superheated steam cleaner Torik is portable and efficient, for quick removal of grime, fungi and many other types 
of soiling.

Media blasting

We use media blasting to tackle contaminants that can’t be budged by steam. It is suitable for all surfaces, as it can be used at extremely high pressure to remove stubborn substances, like paint from metal, or at a very gentle pressure to clean delicate soft stone. 
Our choice of media will depend on the nature of the contaminant and surface material.


A swirl abrasive system, VorTech uses a select media, air and water to clean substrates with adjustable pressure and environmentally responsible waste production.


IBIX media blasters utilise micro-abrasive grit or sand alongside pressurised air at low flow to tackle heavy carbon or inorganic contaminants as an ecologically friendly alternative to chemicals in gentle restoration projects.


The Torc tool features a vortex blast head to swirl low-pressure air, water and soda at sensitive surfaces including limestone, fibre glass marble and terrazzo, which makes it a safe choice for historical restoration.


We use a variety of accessories alongside our cleaning systems to protect and preserve surfaces as we achieve the best clean possible.


are trigger guns that control water flow and make operating cleaning systems user friendly on long jobs.


come in different lengths and are bendy and telescopic, which makes them ideal for use on hard-to-reach areas.


can be added to cleaning systems to sweep up debris or brush away contaminants.


is a mobile unit that can be attached to SteamPLUS and are ideal for use on flat surfaces – including concrete, wood and flagstone.

Turbo nozzles

are well suited to hard surfaces and the removal of organic substances such as moss. 

Chemical injectors

create foam for greater coverage of cleaning product.

Reach & Wash

is a system of 24 metre-long telescopic poles that can safely reach high windows from the ground.
With a soft bristled brush and pure water jets, it leaves a spotless finish.

Some of our clients


Client Testimonials

“They did a really great job of cleaning the high-level cladding on the building. I know that they offer a range of cleaning services and I will definitely be using them again in the future. ”

Christopher Haswell - Project Manager - Maddox Construction

“I just wanted to let you know that we are on site today and think that the building is looking so much better, so thank you very much for that.”

Anita Pitts - Hartwell House

“As always OneFifty got the job done with no fuss. They’re our go-to supplier for exterior building cleaning.”

Mark Sheffield - Contracts Manager - Jones Building Group

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson - Senior Conservation Officer, Cheltenham Borough Council

“Your pressurised hot water system transformed the appearance of our outdoor wooden decking.”

Gary - Lockside Restaurant

“Absolutely spotless and perfectly clean, well done and thank you.”

Lloyd - Lambert Smith Hampton

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