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about media blasting

Media blasting uses micro-abrasive media such as grit or soda alongside pressurised air to remove contaminants from a surface. The mixture is directed at the surface, either swirled or blasted, to lift away stubborn substances that can’t be budged by steam or water. 

The benefits

Media blasting is suitable for all surfaces, especially where there is a large surface area. It can be adapted to different types of substrates by using various media, including sand, glass, calcium silicate, aluminium silicate, bicarbonate of soda and more.  

It is ideal for a range of applications, from industrial projects to historical restoration. We can use high pressure and a coarse media to remove stubborn substances or gentle pressure with a fine media to clean delicate soft stone.

Media and applicationS

With our extensive knowledge of the chemical makeup of different substrates and contaminants, we can select the right media to clean them. 


Made from recycled glass, this media is sharp and angular, making it useful for removing a variety of contaminants, including paint. At various sizes, it can be used to clean concrete, steel and brick surfaces.


Plastic is a light, soft media that is suitable for removing oil, grease, mould and paint from sensitive surfaces without leaving a pattern in the substrate. It offers a safer alternative to chemical stripping.

Bicarbonate of soda

Soda is incredibly fine and dissolves in water, making it ideal for cleaning level materials such as metal, as it doesn't pit the surface. It can be used to lift contaminants off man-made substrates, such as limescale from cladding.

Calcium silicate

This very soft media is perfectly suited to cleaning hard, brittle substances such as carbon off delicate surfaces like old stone. 

Aluminium silicate

With its jagged shape and extremely soft consistency, aluminium silicate is used primarily to strip wood, from varnished back to bare.

Glass beads

With their round shape, glass beads are ideal for cleaning surfaces with a smooth finish, such as concrete or planed stone, leaving a polished effect.


A swirl abrasive system, VorTech uses a select media, air and water to clean substrates with adjustable pressure and environmentally responsible waste production. 


IBIX media blasters utilise micro-abrasive grit or sand alongside pressurised air at low flow to tackle heavy carbon or inorganic contaminants as an ecologically friendly alternative to chemicals in gentle restoration projects. 


The Torc tool features a vortex blast head to swirl low-pressure air, water and soda at sensitive surfaces including limestone, fibre glass marble and terrazzo, which makes it a safe choice for historical restoration. 


The JOS media blaster from Radler and Ruf uses a combination of detergents and media which make it suitable for sensitive restoration works and monument conservation.

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