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Different surface contaminants often require different treatments. OneFifty has developed a range of tried and tested cleaning processes that help ensure the best possible outcome without damaging the surface material. From graffiti to greasy food stains, or from algae to atmospheric pollution, whatever the contaminant we have the knowledge, expertise, and high performance equipment necessary to guarantee a brilliant exterior clean.  



Algae requires moisture to grow and reproduce so it thrives in damp, sheltered or shaded areas. Growth tends to be more significant in autumn and winter, but can happen at any time if the surface is persistently damp and shady.

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Atmospheric pollution

Atmospheric pollution & general grime is a particular problem in built up areas, such as city centres, where there is a high volume of traffic. This is because vehicle exhausts emit sulphur dioxide which reacts with stone, forming calcium sulphate crystals on the surface.

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Carbonate Staining (Lime Run)

Carbonate Staining, or Lime Run, is a hard white or grey surface crust that emanates from mortar joints or runs down from a hole or crack between the brick and the joints. The way to differentiate between Lime Run and Efflorescence is that Lime Run does not disappear when wet.  

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Chewing Gum

Towns and cities are becoming increasingly blighted by blobs of unsightly, hazardous discarded gum. Our unique SteamPLUS system makes really light work of the removing the gum; the mix of steam and pressure is a killer combination that is both efficient and effective. 

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Fly posters

Fly posters and self adhesive stickers are an annoying problem however these can be quickly and easily removed. They tend to appear on walls and other surfaces in prominent positions - they are advertising after all so want to be seen! We can clean fly posters off quickly and easily.

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Dealing with unwanted graffiti is an ongoing challenge in many urban areas. It is unsightly, can be offensive and is often seen as a clear sign that a neighbourhood is starting to go downhill.

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Moss and lichen

Moss and lichen are micro-organisms which adhere to a solid surface. Both require moisture to grow and reproduce, so thrive in damp, sheltered or shaded areas. Poor drainage conditions contribute to growth on paths and hard surfaces, moss particularly likes a pitted surface that allows it to set down roots. 

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Oil and Grease

Greasy food stains, or oil stains from vehicles, can be surprisingly stubborn and difficult to remove - especially from porous surfaces such as wood, natural stone and concrete.

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SteamPLUS is ideal for removing old paint and lime wash from all types of exterior surfaces. The pressurised steam delivers outstanding results whilst reducing risk of damage to the surface. 

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Rust Staining

Rust is commonly found on buildings constructed with iron, steel and other types of metals. Red-brown or yellow-brown rust patches appear on facades as a result of oxidisation of the metal within or nearby, which is caused by moisture and dampness around it. 

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White Efflorescence

White Efflorescence, a naturally occurring phenomenon on brick, concrete or stone walls and floors, is a loose, powder surface deposit. It usually disappears when the surface is wet and then reappears as the surface dries.

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Don’t see your particular contaminant?

Over the years we have removed all kinds of different surface contaminants so if you don't see the contaminant that you want removed in the list above it doesn't mean we don't know how to deal with it! Please contact us to discuss the contaminant that needs removing as we will almost certainly be able to help. Call 0117 253 0303 or complete and submit the enquiry form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know that we are on site today and think that the building is looking so much better, so thank you very much for that.”

Anita Pitts - Hartwell House

“Quite simply a very professional, friendly, family business that provides good value for money. ”

Les Richards - Board member of the RTM

“As always OneFifty got the job done with no fuss. They’re our go-to supplier for exterior building cleaning.”

Mark Sheffield - Contracts Manager - Jones Building Group

“Thank you to you and your team for delivering such high standards of service whilst representing RelyOn.”

Jason Husk - RelyOn Services

“They were able to remove the remnants of graffiti that had not been removed previously using chemicals.”

Joe - Hillcrest Estate Management

“OneFifty are always reliable, quick to respond and produce high-quality results.”

Lorna Barnet - Director of Barnet Development

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