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Surface Materials - Plastic


Plastic Cleaning

Plastic, widely used in the built environment, often becomes stained with algae or environmental pollution. With a range of cleaning systems at our disposal, we can clean plastic surfaces safely, effectively and efficiently.

Where Is Plastic Used

Plastic is used extensively in the built environment, not just for building cladding, but also canopies, bike stores, signage, fascia boards and more. These smooth surfaces are not immune to biological and environmental pollution.

Plastic surfaces in city centres are usually subject to carbon staining - an unavoidable side effect of being in an area with heavy traffic. But also spores from algae carried by air can land on any surface, including plastic, and if there is moisture or humidity, they will start to grow creating unsightly black, green or even red staining.


Cleaning Plastic - The Method

It can be critical to keep these surfaces looking clean and well maintained - a hotel or restaurant canopy covered in dirt or mould gives a very poor impression. Happily a thorough clean will remove both carbon staining and biofilms. 

Our cleaning systems offer the fastest and most effective ways of cleaning plastic surfaces. For example using pressurised steam can help eradicate algae spores and prevent regrowth - and it is safe to use on most plastic surfaces without causing damage.

Our experienced team can advise on the best cleaning method and ensure you achieve the best possible cleaning outcome for your plastic surfaces.

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