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Graffiti vandalism on the rise

Category: Graffiti

“Police investigating after racist graffiti was daubed on a property in the Graymount Parade area of north Belfast overnight…” “Outrage, shock, anger and disappointment at the news that the new £42 million Moorways leisure centre in Derby has been vandalised by graffiti weeks before it's due to open…” “Anti-semitic graffiti has been cleaned off a Borough High Street building by Southwark Council…” “The hunt is on for a vandal who daubed graffiti on Henley BridgeA large letter 'H' was spray painted in black and white on the side of the Grade-I listed structure..."

You only have to glance at the latest news headlines to see that graffiti vandalism is on the increase. From racist slurs and political slogans to gratuitous tags and shapes daubed on buildings and bridges – it seems any blank surface is fair game to the graffiti vandals.


Fines and prison sentences introduced in the UK have helped deter attacks to some extent but it’s often hard to catch and convict the perpetrators. So, if you are concerned about graffiti vandalism it’s worth getting a prevention strategy in place such as:

  • Plant bushes in front of the building's walls, especially ones with prickles. Making it awkward to get close to the building can help deter opportunist attacks.  
  • Install good exterior lighting - sensor lights help save on costs. Would-be perpetrators know they are more likely to be seen/caught in action in well-lit areas.  
  • Install CCTV cameras, some companies even use drones. Security cameras really can help you spot, catch and convict perpetrators and CCTV footage can be used as evidence. 
  • Apply anti-graffiti coatings to vulnerable areas as this will make it harder apply graffiti and far easier to clean it off. 

… OR Cure

Of course these measures are not always possible to implement. Moreover, if a gang is hell-bent on graffitiing a particular surface to mark their territory and gain notoriety it can be very hard to prevent it from happening. If you have been the victim of graffiti vandalism OneFifty can help by removing the graffiti quickly, effectively and safely, helping prevent copycat attacks. We offer a rapid-response, nationwide service and our experienced team will be able to recommend the best way of removing the graffiti, whatever the substance used and whatever the building surface material.  

We have also developed Graffiti Assist to help keep buildings that are particularly vulnerable to attack graffiti-free. Our Graffiti Assist service includes regularly checking the building and immediately removing any graffiti. We also apply a special coating which helps protect the surface, minimising damage and making it easier to remove the graffiti. Clients who need graffiti removed regularly really value this solution. It provides peace of mind and can achieve significant savings - in some cases amounting to several thousand pounds over the course of a year! 

To find out more about our graffiti cleaning service please contact Max or Andy on 0333 234 1445 or email your enquiry and we will get back to you.  

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