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Time to get your gutters cleared out?

Category: Gutter clearing

Do I really have to clean my gutters?

Definitely! If your gutters become clogged, excess water can overflow or pool on the roof, putting your building at risk of flooding or damaging its structural foundations, as well as causing rot and damp. Keeping gutters clean is of vital importance, so when allocating your building maintenance budget, it’s worth making sure that it is near the top of the list. In the long term it could save you a lot of money on costly repairs.

Top 5 signs that your gutters need professional cleaning

  1. Overflowing water
    Probably the most obvious sign is water overflowing from your gutters! The water that should be draining away could pool and leak through to your interiors, causing internal water damage that’s costly to repair.
  2. Animal and bird activity
    Seeing animals and birds around your gutters is a surefire sign that there’s stagnant water, leaves and other debris building up in them. They love to build nests in safe, high places, and a blocked gutter is like a pre-built nest to them.
  3. Saggy gutters
    Full guttering becomes incredibly heavy and sags under the weight of debris and water, which can result in leaks or broken gutters that fall off the building, posing a risk to whoever is on the street below. You may not be insured for this if your gutters aren’t regularly maintained.
  4. Stained building façades
    Water that escapes your guttering will run down your building façade, causing unsightly staining and potentially damaging the surface, as well as encouraging damp and mould growth inside.
  5. Plant growth
    Looking up and seeing a buddleia sprouting out of your gutter is another giveaway! Seeds get blown up and trapped in the debris and over time can create a linear garden in your gutter.

How can OneFifty help me?

At OneFifty we specialise in exterior building cleaning, including our fast, efficient and very cost-effective commercial gutter cleaning service. Fully IPAF qualified and insured, we use high-level access equipment to get to difficult-to-reach places, such as guttering, for which your facilities department may not have the capability.

While we’re up there, we can examine your roof and walls for other potential problems – such as algae and moss growth, or water staining – and report back to you so you can take action quickly.

Having our own cherry picker helps keep us competitive on price and means we can respond quickly to enquiries. The cherry picker is also available to hire with an operator. To find out more about gutter cleaning, call Max Morris on 0333 234 1445, or email your enquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also use our online enquiry form to send details of your project for a quote.

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