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Graffiti vandalism is a serious and persistent problem in the UK, with attacks occurring on a daily basis across the country. Graffiti vandals are out to make their mark so no exterior surface is completely immune - walls, bridges, fences, pillars, windows, signposts, bus shelters and more are all considered fair game to them.

Types of graffiti

In larger cities rival gangs often use tags to mark their patch and there is often an element of one-upmanship involved. The more visible the location, and the more challenging the access, the greater the kudos to the perpetrator. 

Tagging is the simplest graffiti style - a sort of graffiti signature or identifier, usually applied in a single colour. A throw-up (or throwie) is a more complex version of a tag which usually consists of bubble writing with a single colour outline and a different colour fill. A mural covers a whole wall, being more complicated and time-consuming, earns the perpetrator additional 'respect'.

the price to pay 

It’s hard to get reliable, up to date figures relating to the costs associated with cleaning up graffiti in the UK but it has been estimated at well over £1 bn. London Underground alone spends around £2.5m per annum to clean up graffiti with an additional £10m spent on replacing glass that etched (scratched) with graffiti*. A study carried out in 2020 by Structural Repairs** included research into numbers of graffiti attacks recorded by councils in the UK and the six-figure sums spent by many of them getting the graffiti cleaned up - see table below.  

Top ten councils with the highest number of graffiti attacks:

Hackney 29,236
Leicester         16,144
Camden          7,246
Bristol              6,322
Greenwich      5,774
Glasgow          5,642
Oxford 5,221
Islington 4,207
Enfield              2,915
Westminster    2,855


Top ten Councils with highest graffiti removal expenditure:

Glasgow City £649,914
Hackney £300,000
Hounslow £204,700
Greenwich £188,749
Doncaster £167,130
Lewisham £165,497
Wandsworth £164,158
Leicester £160,321
Lambeth £150,000
Ealing £145,000


OneFifty - experts in graffiti removal

OneFifty has developed particular expertise in removing graffiti. We offer a nationwide service and have, over the past ten years, removed literally thousands of tags, throw-ups and unwanted murals from different sites across the whole of the UK.

Whichever the media used, whatever the surface and wherever the attack has occured, our team can access and remove the graffiti safely, effectively and cost-efficiently. 

Graffiti Assist

If you are the victim of repeat graffiti attacks, it may feel like you are fighting a losing battle. OneFifty's Graffiti Assist service has been specifically developed to help keep buildings that are particularly prone to attack graffiti-free. 

As part of the service we will regularly check your buildings and immediately remove any graffiti that has appeared - rapid removal of graffiti is critical to helping prevent copycat attacks. We also apply an anti-graffiti coating to help protect the surface and minimise potential damage. This also makes it easy to remove the graffiti in the case of an attack. Below are just a few examples of projects we have worked on. 

To find out more about Graffiti Assist, or graffiti removal please contact Max or Andy on 0333 234 1445 or email your enquiry and we will get back to you. 

* **

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Some of our clients


Client Testimonials

“They were able to remove the remnants of graffiti that had not been removed previously using chemicals.”

Joe - Hillcrest Estate Management

“If we need a job to be carried out at short notice they do everything necessary to make it happen, including getting required approvals to allow them to get on site and get the job done.”

Daniel Boyle - MD of Relyon Services

“Thank you for sending the photos, it all looks amazing! ”

Robbie Irens - Gordon and Co

“Absolutely spotless and perfectly clean, well done and thank you.”

Lloyd - Lambert Smith Hampton

“A safe pair of hands - thorough, cost effective and report back in a timely fashion.”

Bloq Management Services

“Great customer service, operatives who clean the windows follow all H&S procedures and do a great job.”

Matt Baker - Soil Association

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