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Top marks for cleaning Bristol University buildings

We carry out regular jet washing for the University of Bristol. We work closely with the University Site Manager to help ensure that their buildings and communal areas are kept clean and safe.

Bristol University, which ranks amongst the top ten universities in the UK and is one of Bristol’s largest employers, owns numerous buildings located both in the centre of Bristol (the University precinct’) and throughout the city. These include an eclectic mix of historic and modern properties with a range of different substrates including soft stone, brick and cement – each requiring a different approach when it comes to jet washing.

A gentle approach to cleaning historic stone

The University owns several of Bristol’s most iconic historic buildings including the Grade II listed Wills Memorial Building at the top of Park Street, The Victoria Rooms and Goldney House in Clifton. It also owns numerous large Victorian and Georgian buildings that have been converted for teaching purposes.

These buildings benefit from the gentle power that can be applied using our steam cleaning system. Because steam cleaning uses a combination of steam and heat we are able to precisely control both the pressure and the temperature of the steam during cleaning. This allows us to achieve outstanding cleaning results, without the use of harmful chemicals, and without having to exert unnecessary force which might damage the stone.

Steam cleaning is also ideal for cleaning the university’s more modern buildings such as the brick and stone facades of the library on Tyndall Avenue, the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. Here our pressurised steam system achieves excellent cleaning results far more efficiently and effectively than other traditional jet washing methods. Being able to get the job done quickly also makes us more cost effective.  

Removing black mould to make pathways safe     

Over the summer break, whilst the majority of students were away, we cleaned the communal areas next to the Wills Memorial Building, including pathways and steps. These had become blackened by a bacteria based algae that accumulates on stone, especially in areas that are in shade for a large part of the day. It is unsightly and can be extremely slippery so presents a health and safety hazard.

Our steam cleaning system removes the algae efficiently leaving the stone work looking bright and clean and making pathways safe again. We worked for seven days straight to complete all of the cleaning that was required before the students were back on site in full force. That said, we also carry out regular jet wash cleaning for the University during term time. Our flexible hours mean we can be on site and working by 5.30 am and have the job completed well before the students start arriving.    

For more information about our jet washing services contact Max or Andy Morris on 0333 234 1445 or email

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“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson - Senior Conservation Officer, Cheltenham Borough Council

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“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson, Senior Conservation Officer for Cheltenham Borough Council

“We were delighted with the high standards they achieved.”

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