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Tackling vandalism: cleaning up the mess

In recent months, we’ve responded to a series of vandalism attacks on properties across the country – from Bristol to Leicestershire.

Deliberately damaging or defacing a property is an act of vandalism and is usually targeted against the property owner as part of a protest or the result of grievance. We always aim to respond to callouts as quickly as possible, although of course when it comes to vandalism, the damage is already done. For us, it’s a case of cleaning up the mess as best we can.

Different surface materials require different approaches. The straightforwardness of the job relies on how receptive the surface is to our cleaning processes, whether that’s steam cleaning or non-forceful media blasting.

We are knowledgeable about the products we use and always take a methodical approach, avoiding using chemicals wherever possible – though sometimes this is necessary to remove really stubborn substances to achieve the best result, especially in cases of extreme vandalism.

Bitumen attack in Bristol

In Bristol, we were called to clean a building on an industrial park that had been covered with bitumen. The sticky black substance was thrown across the doors, walls and railings at the front of the property, creating an unsightly mess that would prove very tricky to remove. At the outset, we knew it would be a challenging task, as bitumen is incredibly adherent and notoriously difficult to remove once it has solidified.

It was essential that our client understood the complexity of the job, and we thoroughly explained our approach and the anticipated result to help manage their expectations of the outcome. Using the appropriate tools, we were able to ensure that the doors were cleaned ready to be resprayed and the metal railings and prepped to be repainted.

Our client was delighted with our fast response, the way we dealt with the situation, and the cleaning outcome we achieved - (see images below). 

Oil attack in Leicestershire

Previously, we’d received a call to clean a large, multi-million property in Leicestershire constructed in Cotswold-style stone that had been defaced with old motor oil.

It was a sizeable job for our team; oil is one of the hardest substances to remove from porous surfaces as it soaks in and can stain darkly. Again, we explained to the client the extent to which we would be able to clear up the mess, and were careful not to overpromise what could be achieved. They were very satisfied that we were able to achieve a finish that was an 80% improvement. Although some slight staining remained this will eventually weather out.

Paint attack in Taunton

Another job that proved challenging for the team was cleaning a new build in Taunton that had been liberally daubed with paint in a protest attack.

Though not necessarily a difficult material to remove in and of itself, the paint had covered a variety of surfaces – including brick, stone, glass, wood and metal – so it required a number of tools and approaches to clean it off, all of which we were able to provide. We were pleased to be able to leave the property paint-free, and ready for decorators to finish up.

Professional service to clean up defaced surfaces   

Defacing a building is a criminal act of vandalism, inconveniencing property owners and tenants, as well as creating a visual eyesore. Whatever substance your building has been vandalised with, we can tackle it with our versatile cleaning methods quickly and efficiently.

To find out more call Max Morris on 0333 234 1445, or email your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use our online enquiry form to send details of your project for a quote.


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