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Our system works its magic on wood, brick, render and cement. r .

St George's Heights is a modern apartment block located in Redfield, in South Bristol. The building façade is made up of four different substrates; wooden cladding, brick work, cement and K Rend render. Each of these surfaces requires a slightly different method of cleaning which was no problem for our cleaning system. 

Our versatile cleaning system can be easily adapted and adjusted to suit whatever surface needs to be cleaned. 

  • On the timber clad areas, we used steam cleaning on a very gentle setting to ensure that we did not damage the surface. We have used the system to clean wooden surfaces many times before so knew exactly what settings would work to get the best results. You simply could not achieve the same outcome using high pressure cold water washing because the pressure required to achieve an acceptable level of cleaning would have completely shredded the surface. 
  • On the coping stones, which are made of solid cast cement, we used a powerful hot wash. The cement can easily withstand the heat and pressure and it achieves really excellent results.
  • A large percentage of the façade has been treated with K Rend, a high quality external coloured silicone render used by builders and developers to create a durable weather-proof building façade. K Rend incorporates silicone water repellents as part of its cement based system, which repels water while still allowing the substrate to breathe. This helps to preserve the look of the render by slowing down algae growth. None the less, over time algae will develop, creating ugly black stains typically under the eaves of the roof and beneath window ledges.

Steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning render. It allows us to finely adjust pressure in order to achieve a gentle but effective clean.  We also use a special render wash to enhance the cleaning process and it delivers outstanding results.

For more information about our flexible jet washing services contact Max or Andy Morris on 0333 234 1445 or email

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“Quite simply a very professional, friendly, family business that provides good value for money. ”

Les Richards - Board member of the RTM

“Excellent to deal with from start to finish, very professional in their attitude and kept us informed at every stage. ”

Esther Hunting - Warwick Estates

“Great customer service, operatives who clean the windows follow all H&S procedures and do a great job.”

Matt Baker - Soil Association

“You’ve done a lovely job and we would recommend your services.”

Elaine Whitfield - Consort Property Management

“If we need a job to be carried out at short notice they do everything necessary to make it happen, including getting required approvals to allow them to get on site and get the job done.”

Daniel Boyle - MD of Relyon Services

“Their work is excellent – I recently visited a building that they cleaned for me 18 months ago and it still looks brilliant.”

Daniel Boyle - MD of Relyon Services

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