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Graffiti deleted for Hathaway House

Hathaway House is a housing association property located on Dove Street in Bristol. It provides a range of low cost social housing for people needing somewhere to live. The property had become a victim of unwanted graffiti which was making it look run down and uncared for.  

Removing unwanted graffiti from buildings

There is a clear distinction between ‘Creative graffiti’ which can look quite striking and is characteristic of this area, and messy, unwanted graffiti ‘tags’ scrawled on the sides of buildings. It's also a fact that once a building has been marked with graffiti tags it becomes a target and soon attracts more of the same – so prompt removal is advisable.

Creating a feel good factor

We are affected by our environment; people don't usually want the place that they live in to look rundown and poorly maintained. Keeping Hathaway House looking clean and up-together can influence how people living there feel about themselves, helping raise their morale. So the managers wanted the graffiti removed and the building cleaned up as quickly as possible and our steam cleaning system did the job.

Fast and highly efficient jet wash cleaning

Steam cleaning makes light work of graffiti, in fact we can often remove tags in one pass. No harmful chemicals are used, just the power of heat and pressurised steam. Our new vehicle mounted system now has a dual user facility and with two men on the job we are able to get things sorted in almost half the usual cleaning time. The work was, as always, completed to an extremely high standard and the building is now looking clean and fresh. Here's what Managing Agent Tom Brady of MD Building Services said;

"With the amount of graffiti on the building, and the external material being a brick finish, I had my doubts as to whether the graffiti would come off. I was very impressed with the finish your company produced and how quickly you managed to do it. I would definitely consider you for future projects as I was very pleased with your service."

If you need help with removing unwanted graffiti contact Max or Andy Morris on 0333 234 1445  or email your enquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for sending the photos, it all looks amazing! ”

Robbie Irens - Gordon and Co

“Looks really good, we are very impressed with your state of the art cleaning equipment. Please pass on our thanks to Andy.”

Adam Reynolds - Cheltenham Borough Council

“It is refreshing to work with such a dynamic, enthusiastic and reliable team.”

Adam Coombs - Regional Director, Hillcrest

“I just wanted to let you know that we are on site today and think that the building is looking so much better, so thank you very much for that.”

Anita Pitts - Hartwell House

“They were brilliant, every team member was helpful, polite and very knowledgeable. ”

Neil Tarling - Berkshire Labels

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson, Senior Conservation Officer for Cheltenham Borough Council

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