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Clean slippery pathways to prevent accidents and potential claims  

Do your exterior paved areas get slippery when it rains? If so it's probably due to algae, moss or lichen. These biofilms will have been growing unnoticed for months, only now, as the weather gets wetter, they become increasingly slippery, making paved areas, pathways, exterior steps and fire escapes extremely hazardous.

What makes a biofilm grow?

Biofilms grow on hard surfaces such as block paving, flag stones or concrete. They need moisture to grow and reproduce, so thrive in damp places - especially sheltered or shadowy areas - and flourish in the Autumn and Winter, creating a very real health and safety hazard.

Avoid unnecessary accident claims

Property owners are required by law to take measures to ensure the health and safety of visitors to their premises; this means addressing the issue of slippery surfaces. Sadly, in today’s litigious society, if someone does slip and injure themselves badly they may take the matter further. A fall can easily end up in court, with surprisingly high legal fees and damages to pay.

Shockingly, some legal firms specialising in accident claims advertise that ‘Slips that happen in public places that are owned by companies are easier to claim for’ which could encourage people to claim - and a claim can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Having the pathways, ramps and steps of your premises professionally cleaned removes slippery biofilms making them safer to walk on, and demonstrating that you have taken measures to address health and safety risks. 

Fast, efficient and effective cleaning 

Pressure washing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of removing biofilms from exterior surfaces. Steamplus, delivered via a lance or our Mozmatic floor cleaner, achieves spectacular cleaning results. The pressurised steam at 150 degrees is fast and also highly effective as it kills spores, helping prevent recontamination. We can also apply a purpose-made biocide to further inhibit future growth and keep the surfaces bio-film and slip-free for longer.

OneFifty offers a nationwide exterior surface cleaning service. To find out more about cleaning slippery surfaces call Max  Morris on 0333 234 1445, or email  your enquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also use our online enquiry to send details of your project, and we can send you an indicative quote. 

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“I was very impressed with the finish your company produced and how quickly you managed to do it.”

Tom Brady - MD Building Services

“You’ve done a lovely job and we would recommend your services.”

Elaine Whitfield - Consort Property Management

“The works surpassed my expectations! I will have no problem referring you to my friends and business associates.”

Andy Lane - Lane Pearson Automotive Group Ltd

“They were able to remove the remnants of graffiti that had not been removed previously using chemicals.”

Joe - Hillcrest Estate Management

“They did a really great job of cleaning the high-level cladding on the building. I know that they offer a range of cleaning services and I will definitely be using them again in the future. ”

Christopher Haswell - Project Manager - Maddox Construction

“A safe pair of hands - thorough, cost effective and report back in a timely fashion.”

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