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Don’t leave your façade cleaning ‘til spring!

Springtime has long been thought of as the time to freshen up a property, but we’re here to bust the myth: winter is the ideal time to clean your building façades. 

Why winter is a good time to clean 

Cold, dark, wet weather may be unpleasant for us, but organic materials like moss, lichen and algae thrive in these inhospitable conditions, which means they grow at an accelerated rate in winter. This can make your building look like it’s aged years in a matter of months.  

Keeping buildings clean and well-maintained ensures they’ll make a far better impression to customers or passing public than those that are left in a deteriorating state. It is also a sure way to preserve the condition of the surface – whether it’s masonry or render – as organic materials can cause long-term damage if left to grow.  

By tackling algae and moss at its worst in winter, we can restore a building to its former glory – and prevent them from growing back before the lighter days and warmer temperatures return. 

The OneFifty approach 

OneFifty uses SteamPLUS, a pressurised steam cleaning system that delivers incredible power without putting stress on the building surface, even if it’s soft stone that requires a gentle touch.  

We tackle algae with a process that includes cleaning the surface with SteamPLUS and a render wash. We then apply a growth inhibitor to discourage the return of spores and re-growth. Moss and lichen require a combination of SteamPLUS and a biocide to clear them away and keep them at bay. 

Our approach is highly effective at removing organic matter and preventing recontamination. 

Get ahead of the game  

We specialise in commercial exterior cleaning, including façades, paved areas and gutters. Our tried-and-tested methods, including steam cleaning with SteamPLUS, achieve the best possible results. We offer a nationwide exterior surface cleaning service, so wherever your building is located, we can help. To find out more about cleaning your commercial building façades, call Max Morris on 0333 234 1445, or email your enquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


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Client Testimonials

“They were able to remove the remnants of graffiti that had not been removed previously using chemicals.”

Joe - Hillcrest Estate Management

“Thank you for sending the photos, it all looks amazing! ”

Robbie Irens - Gordon and Co

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson, Senior Conservation Officer for Cheltenham Borough Council

“Looks really good, we are very impressed with your state of the art cleaning equipment. Please pass on our thanks to Andy.”

Adam Reynolds - Cheltenham Borough Council

“Excellent to deal with from start to finish, very professional in their attitude and kept us informed at every stage. ”

Esther Hunting - Warwick Estates

“The work was carried out to a very high standard and we would not hesitate to use you again.”

Cathering Stott - Eunomia Research & Consulting

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