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Warehouse cleaning

We recently cleaned the exterior of a huge warehouse as part of a refurbishment project. Work included cleaning external metal clad walls, yellow metal roller doors and brickwork. The unit, which had been out of use for some time, was covered in black and green algae and lichen and was looking very much the worse for wear. The aim was to thoroughly clean all exterior surfaces prior to, lichen and atmospheric (carbon) staining. All exterior surfaces needed to be thoroughly cleaned ready for painting.

Algae - a perennial problem 

Algae spores are airborne. When they land on an exterior surface all they require to grow and flourish is moisture. Hard exterior surfaces, such as stone, concrete, brick or metal located in damp, shady places are all vulnerable to contamination. Although growth tends to be more significant in autumn and winter, it can happen in any season if the surface is persistently damp and shady. As you can see from the pictures it creates unsightly stains, moreover it can contribute to the degeneration of the surface material.

Belt and braces approach gets best results

Algae can be challenging to remove but OneFifty’s tried and tested cleaning process always achieves the best possible results.

  • First we clean the surface using SteamPLUS, pressurised steam heated to 150 degrees, which delivers powerful cleaning whilst still being gentle on the surface material. 
  • Next we apply a chemical wash specifically developed to tackle algae staining which ensures that the final pass with SteamPLUS will remove all trace of the algae and leave the surfaces really clean.
  • We can also apply an inhibitor to deter future growth and keep the building exterior looking clean and fresh for as long as possible.

Pressurised steam achieves a brilliant outcome

Our team worked really hard to make sure that the cleaning of this huge unit was completed to a high standard and on deadline. Every exterior surface was left looking really clean and fresh - without a trace of algae, lichen or any other contaminant.

The property managers were delighted with the outcome, the reburbishment has now been completed ready for the new tenants to move in.

 If you would like to know more about pressurised steam cleaning or removing algae from a building exterior give us a call or email your enquiry we would be pleased to be of help.


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Some of our clients


Client Testimonials

“Absolutely spotless and perfectly clean, well done and thank you.”

Lloyd - Lambert Smith Hampton

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to guys for the demo and for getting Neptune cleaned.”

Wendy Tomlinson, Senior Conservation Officer for Cheltenham Borough Council

“Looks really good, we are very impressed with your state of the art cleaning equipment. Please pass on our thanks to Andy.”

Adam Reynolds - Cheltenham Borough Council

“Thank you for sending the photos, it all looks amazing! ”

Robbie Irens - Gordon and Co

“The Jet Washing Company (now OneFifty) deliver the best quality exterior surface cleaning, high quality customer service, and excellent value.”

Will Mellor - Knight Frank

“The offending Graffiti was removed without trace using pressurised steam.”

Lucy - Jones Lang LaSalle

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